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General Information: updated 18/6/2021

pdfSummary Covid Protocols June 2021_2

Recommended for ALL participants: Australian Government Covid-19 Infection Control Training (free, 30 mins, certificate earned): click here

Click for Resources

  • Federal & Victoria Government
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Sport & Recreation Victoria
  • Netball Australia
  • Netball Victoria
  • City of Boroondara
Click for Covid-19          
  • The basics: what is Covid-19?
  • Testing protocols                                          
Click for Transmission
  • How COVID-19 is transmitted
  • Relevance to netball
  • Vulnerable participants
Click for Symptoms
  • Symptom recognition
  • Contacts & Confirmed cases
  • Contact Tracing       
Click for Personal Hygiene 
  • Responsibilities of ALL individual participants
  • "Get in, Train/Play/Watch, Get out" philosophy   
Click for Group Hygeine

  • Number of participants permitted
  • Type of activities permitted
  • Spectators
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Contact Tracing


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Click Before, During & After Protocols           

Summary of protocols required for ALL, before, during & after a match or training session

  • Includes specific roles for participants & team personnel            

Click Venue / Facilities

What facilities at the Boroondara Netball Centre are available to participants.
Click BSC Indoor venue training

Guidelines specific for Boroondara Sports Complex - indoor training (POWER & EXPRESS) 

Click Match Day protocols

Summary of protocols for participants on Saturday Match Days

Click Spectator / Parent

Protocols required for spectators

Netball Australia Community Guidelines  

 Netball hygiene poster   


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