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Saturday Umpiring

All umpires must have satisfied the minimum requirements of:

  1. Theory exam pass (on-line)
  2. Foundation umpires course completed (on-line)
  3. Practical experience in umpiring
  4. All umpires must be registered with BNA and have Netball Vic state membership
  5. All umpires must submit an Umpire Availability form > sent to all umpires who register

Umpiring System: 

Summary: pdfIntroducing Umpiring

Senior Teams = Yr 10 and above:

Please note: If we had enough accredited umpires, we would not ask senior teams to supply any!

Each senior team is required to provide an umpire for HALF their games.

The Association will provide a panel umpire for the other half.

These umpires will umpire an AFTERNOON / SENIOR game on behalf of their team / club.

They may umpire as many other games at any level for the panel as desired.

Team umpires will submit an Umpire Availability form & will be rostered on by the Association for accordingly
ALL team umpires must have the minimum requirements outlined above and must abide by the same expectations as for all umpires

Senior team umpires may be either volunteers or paid by the team - rates as negotiated with your team.

Any additional games umpired for the Panel will be paid by BNA.

Should senior teams not have an umpire, they will need to organise for a team member(s) to register as a new trainee with a view to gaining a badge.

 Teams in Yr5 - Yr 9: 

Umpires will fill in their availability and the Umpire Coordinator will coordinate the weekly roster.
The umpire roster will be posted on this website every Friday afternoon.
These umpires will be paid by the Boroondara Netball Association at the end of each term, unless otherwise arranged.
Teams paying the Umpire Penalty payment do not have to provide an umpire any week. 
Teams who have NOT paid the Umpire Penalty payment must provide an umpire (or trainee) who is expected to umpire EVERYweek. These umpires are paid by the Boroondara Netball Association, not the team.

 Teams in Yr4:

Provide their own umpires for their own match.    pdfJUNIORNET G4 UMPIRE /COACH GUIDELINES