Junior Netball Program

Key Words:

Non-Competitive  no ladders, finals 
Motor Skill Development  the focus in JuniorNet G2   
Netball Skill Development          the focus in JuniorNet G3
FUN! the aim.

Our junior sport philosophy:

"To encourage players to play in a cooperative way without the pressures of a "win at all costs" competition. The emphasis is on skill development, team participation and commitment, applying good sporting behaviour and, above all, enjoyment, ie) Non-competitive, Skill development, FUN!"

The Boroondara Netball Association accepts and abides by the Netball Victoria Junior Netball Charter and the Netball Australia Junior Sport Policy (Note: see our own 2005 Netta Netballers featured in this document!).

Netball Australia Junior Netball Policy

Netball Victoria Junior Netball Charter34.3 KB

Boroondara Junior Netball Pathway:

Research by Netball Australia has shown that provision of an age appropriate, staged progression for Netball participation is an essential element in developing confident and skilled participants.

 The main points to note are: 

  1. Participation in skill development programs using modified rules & equipment for children in yrs 2 and 3.
  2. Participation in a non-competitive, no ladders / no finals program for children in yr 4 
  3. Equal gender opportunites for children in Yr 6 and below - no restrictions on male / female playing ratios

Boroondara Netball Association Recommended Pathway

  1. JuniorNet G2 (grade 2): basic motor skill development for children in Grade 2
  2. JuniorNet G3 (grade 3): netball specific skill development program for children in GRade 3
  3. JuniorNet G4 (grade 4): non-competitive netball matches with no ladders or finals for children in Grade 4
  4. Junior Competition: competitive netball matches with ladders and finals for players in Grade 5 and above