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Umpire Training Program

pdfUmpire training program overview

pdfInformation for NEW TRAINEES

pdfInformation for BADGE TRAINEES              

pdfC Badge criteria

pdfInformation for UMPIRE TRAINERS            


Desire and enthusiasim to become an umpire !
Minimum age 13 or school year 7 
Theory exam completed (On-Line)
Foundation Umpire course completed (On-line)           
Current State Membership 


Complete your THEORY exam and FOUNDATION course : Click here
Complete a BNA Umpire Registration form to register as a new trainee. 

Umpire with an Umpire Mentor for support & advice

  • Mentor times for new trainees are the early morning games at 8.00, 8.40 and 9.20am

Payment: $8 until umpiring without one-on-one supervision

You are also welcome to umpire any Friday JuniorNet (Yr 4) match, unsupervised for practice. However this is something you must organise yourself and there is no payment from BNA.

Expectations: enthusiasm and commitment to learn the art of umpiring. 

  1. Confident use of the whistle: don't be shy!
  2. Basic knowledge of the rules: you are not expected to know everything - focus on 1 or 2 things each week and be guided by your Mentor.
  3. Basic hand signals only:  1) start / stop play    2) stepping 


Umpire alone, with strong support from Umpire Mentors 

Umpire times = any                                                                                            

Payment $10.00 per match  

Expectations: to improve umpiring skills, aiming to achieve a C-Badge within 6 - 12 months               

  1. Confident making calls
  2. Apply footwork rules
  3. Use most hand signals
  4. Start to apply the advantage rule
  5. Distinguish between contact & contest
  6. Positioning for best vision
  7. Using correct terminology for infringements    


Request to be assessed for readiness to prepare for your C- Badge - you will be guided by your Umpire Mentor
Umpire alone at any time  

Intensive training with a Badge Trainer - 2 afternoon matches weekly - until badge testing   

Additional practice can be arranged during our representative teams' training sessions on Mon / Wed evenings 

Payment $10 per training match

Expectations: aim to achieve C-Badge criteria see below


Umpire alone at any time    

Payment $18 per match

May apply to become an Umpire Trainer

C Badge criteria:

  1. Have reasonable control.
  2. Have good knowledge of the rules.
  3. Have a voice and whistle that are loud and clear.
  4. Have efficient announcement of decisions.
  5. Have good coverage of the court.
  6. Show good application of all general rules.
  7. Apply contact and obstruction consistently.
  8. Have efficient centre passes.
  9. Show awareness of the Advantage Rule and apply it, for example 'Advantage Goal'.

B Badge criteria:

  1. Have good control of the game.
  2. Have detailed knowledge of the rules.
  3. Have a voice and whistle which are easily heard.
  4. Make clear and precise decisions.
  5. Have a very effective coverage of the court.
  6. Show clear application of contact and obstruction.
  7. Apply the Advantage Rule consistently.
  8. Penalise all other infringements.
  9. Ensure correct and efficient centre pass. 
A Badge criteria: 
  1. Have excellent game control.
  2. Have a clear and detailed knowledge of the rules and interpretations.
  3. Show an excellent overview of the court and cooperation with the other umpire to give full coverage of the game.
  4. Be able to ensure that the game proceeds at the speed and level of the competition.
  5. Not be susceptible to external influences.
  6. Apply contact and obstruction rules together with all other general rules with precision and accuracy.
  7. Apply the advantage rule with skill.
  8. Maintain speed and efficiency for centre passes and throw ins.
  9. Handle toss ups effectively.
  10. Have ultimate control of all players and officials through correct procedures.