Match cancellations due to adverse weather conditions:

Please note that our aim is to PLAY. Often we cannot make the decision until just prior to game time as the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, if in doubt, players, coaches and umpires must attend. 

Wet weather updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.  

Netball is traditionally a WINTER, outdoor sport  and our preference is to NOT cancel games. However, player / umpire safety is paramount and, if the courts are deemed to be unsafe, matches will have to be cancelled. This decision is made round by round by committee members, club officials and umpires present at the venue.

Our Guidelines:

  • Our court surface is SYNPAVE, a flexible, gripping surface which minimises the risk of slipping. Therefore games will not be cancelled simply because it is raining.
  • Matches will be routinely cancelled in the event of local hail &/or lighting. 
  • Games will not be cancelled because it is cold. However, players / umpires will be permitted to wear tracksuit pants and warm tops in these conditions.  
  • Match cancellations will not be based on player / umpire / spectator comfort - only safety. 
  • Player age will also influence decisions made as young children are more susceptible to adverse weather conditions. 
  • Ultimately, if parents / coaches do not agree with our informed decisions, they have the option to forfeit their match. Please ensure that you notify / email the Association if you decide to forfeit so that the opposition and umpires can also be notified.

    Acceptable Risk?  When playing any sport you are voluntarily exposing yourself to a variety of risks for the sake of fun. YOU must decide whether the risks you choose to take are ACCEPTABLE risks to YOU / YOUR child. 

    If players / coaches wish to forfeit their match they are free to do so. If both teams agree, each team will be awarded 2 points. If only one team wishes to cancel, they will receive no points.

    If parents do not want their children to play for whatever reason, they obviously have that option. "Peer pressure" is less relevant than your child's perceived safety.

    Please do not question our legal and moral responsibilities OR our "insurance cover". Our decision will always be a balance between the enthusiasm of players who generally want to play, and their health and safety which is paramount.



We will endeavour to update the table below as soon as a decision has been made prior to each round. If there is no indication on this table that a match has been cancelled, it means that matches are going ahead as planned OR we have not been able to access the website in time, in which case you will need to turn up to the courts.

There is NO way of contacting us by phone at the courts simply due to the sheer number of participants. Please contact your Team Manager / Club Secretary who may have updated information. 



8.00  Playing
8.45  Playing
9.30  Cancelled at half time- scores stand
10.15  Playing
Please note that, if we are ever unable to access our website to update, notifications are also posted on our Facebook page.

Risk Management policies:

The Boroondara Netball Association accepts and abides by the guidelines advised by Netball Victoria.

See Netball Vic Risk Management Infonets:

pdfNV Wet Weather Guidelines

pdfNV Hot Weather Guidelines



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