Dispute Resolution

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Ideally we would like any potential grievances to be resolved AT THE TIME! This means that, if you have a concern, you simply come to the office and request the presence of the court supervisor. She/he can then assess the issue first hand and either RESOLVE the problem there and then OR provide an unbiased report to the Committee supporting / refuting your allegations.

The Committee thoroughly investigates every grievance report, obtaining reports from opposition teams, umpires and any other unbiased sources. This takes a significant amount of work by volunteers, collecting and collating relevant reports, so please do not lodge trivial or vengeful allegations.

Similarly, if you have not sought the assistance of the Court Supervisor AT THE TIME, there is very little that we can do without unbiased witnesses to support your allegations.


Conduct disputes on the court / in front of players, especially children.

Engage in disputes with officials / administrators - they are volunteers creating the opportunity for YOU / YOUR children to participate

Approach, harass or ctiricise TRAINEE umpires - this is called BULLYING and strict penalties will apply

  • All have the courage and commitment to be participating

  • All are supervised

  • All have satisfied minimum accreditation requirements

  • Their knowledge of the game may very well be greater than yours

  • Your interpretation of events will naturally be biased

  • It may be your daughter / son one day!


Your captain ONLY may approach umpires at 1/2 time for RULE CLARIFICATION, not disputes.       

Ask for a COURT SUPERVISOR to assess the issue first hand. It will be too late after the game. The committee cannot pass judgement on incidents if not witnessed by an UNBIASED source


It is wise to go home and reflect on the issue concerning you before taking action. Generally you will be frustrated and upset and may say or write things that you will regret.

If you would like a formal investigation and response from the Committee, download the Grievance Form  pdfGrievance Report

  • This must be completed and signed by your official TEAM MANAGER.

  • We will then obtain reports from opposition, umpires, relevant spectators and discuss at the following committee meeting.

  • A written response will then be forwarded to the TEAM MANAGER and apporpriate action taken.



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