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Boroondara Power

Representative teams are teams of talented players selected from the entire Boroondara Netball Association - 3800 members.

All players are invited to attend selections which are held in October / November each year. Notice of selections is posted on the venue notice board, website and forwarded to all team managers and to all current players at least 4 weeks before the date. Some players are also "identified" on Saturdays by our "talent scouts" and specifically invited to attend.

Teams are chosen in specific age groups (as at Dec 31st in that year): 11&U, 13&U, 15&U, 17&U, Open (19U) 

There will be a minimum of 10 "bottom age" players selected with the option of inclusion in any of the 13U teams if appropriate.  

To be eligible to TRIAL for any Boroondara POWER team, a players must be an active member of the Boroondara Netball Association competition as a player, umpire or coach - OR for Open (19U) age only, to have been in the Boroondara Power pathway in recent years.

Selections for the elite Victorian Netball League teams (Boroondara EXPRESS Championship, 23&U and Reserves) are open to any person in the community.

It is a great honour to be selected in ANY Boroondara Power representative team and, as such, requires a significant commitment from players and their parents. All parents and players must read and sign a Player/Parent Agreement form before being accepted to the team. Players must commit to train weekly at the Boroondara Sports Complex stadium and play a match at either Waverley Netball Centre or the State Netball Centre. They receive expert coaching with the ultimate aim of eventually being included in a Boroondara EXPRESS Victorian Netball League squad.

These teams are highly competitive and weekly team selection is based upon performance, commitment, attitude and team balance. Many players (and their parents) must learn to "sit on the bench", often for a whole game, if that is what is considered best for the team by the coach during a particular match. Often players who have been the strongest in their Saturday netball teams find that they are now competing against much stronger and more skilful players in a Representative Team. Whilst the social aspects and team camaraderie are an integral part of belonging to any team, the prime focus in a Representative Team is on skill development of the elite player. 

For Selection information: click here

Age Group Mission Statements

11 and Under
  1. Enjoyment of training and matches in a non-competitive environment
  2. Development of fundamental skills
  3. Develope a sense of team / club
13 and Under
  1. Skill Development and improvement are the most important goals.
  2. Development of fundamental skills to transfer into competitive situations.
  3. Develop a sense of team/club.
  4. Enjoyment of training and matches.
15 and Under
  1. Enjoyment of game and desire for personal improvement.
  2. Develop self discipline and increasing commitment to netball.
  3. Matches used as a learning experience.
  4. Implement simple team strategies and tactics.
17 and Under / Open
  1. Enjoyment of process and product of training and competition.
  2. Desire for personal improvement.
  3. Match strategy, tactics and mental skills are refined.
  4. Understanding the competitive nature of weekly team selection.
Victorian Netball League
  1. Commitment to peak performance to ensure success in all matches.
  2. Enjoyment of training and matches is paramount.
  3. To take responsibility both collectively and individually for performance outcomes.
  4. Match strategy, tactics and mental skills are perfected.

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