Expectations & Commitment


  1. Make umpiring a positive experience.
  2. Encourage confidence and commitment.
  3. Encourage pride in appearance and performance.
  4. Encourage progression from New Trainee to Badged umpires as per the Umpires’ Pathway to the Top.

CODE OF CONDUCT: click here

All umpires are expected to adhere to the Netball Victoria Umpire Code of Conduct:


  1. White tops and white or navy skirt / shorts are compulsory
  2. T’suit pants may be worn if cold.
  3. Official BNA hoodies,rugby top  are permitted.
  4. Team skirts / tops are NOT PERMITTED.
  5. Umpires not in correct uniform will not receive payment.


  1. WHISTLE , hand held, metal - not on a cord around the neck.
  2. RULE BOOK for reference. 


  1. DO NOT engage in any discussion with spectators. 
  2. If you have difficulty with spectators, coaches or players, ask for an UMPIRE SUPERVISOR. They are present all day to support and assist you.


  1. You are committed to attend at the times you have nominated in the Umpires Booking Folder unless advised otherwise by the Umpire Coordinator. 
  2. If you are umpiring for your team/club you must attend as per your team/club's roster or your team/club will be penalised.



Panel Umpires: Payments will only be made to those who:

  1. Registered & completed all relevant courses
  2. Completed an Umpire registration form
  3. Signed a "Declaration of Hobby" form, unless they want tax to be withheld.
  4. Provide current & accurate bank details.
  5. Maintained uniform standards

Yr 4 and Senior (Yr10 & Above) Team Umpires: Payments to be arranged with your team/club.

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