Spring Fling

pdfEntry information Spring Fling 2017

Our Spring Fling is a short, 6/7 week program in Term 4. There are 5/6 rounds followed by our Christmas Finale where ALL teams compete according to their final ladder position ie) 1v2, 3v4, 5v6.

  • Years 3 and 4 teams will play on FRIDAY afternoons 
  • Years 5 & over will play on SATURDAYS.

The focus for the Spring Fling is on participation, fun and commitment.

This short season is not appropriate for players with rowing commitments, VCE exams / schoolies, school camps etc.

Due to the limit on the number of teams playing, forfeits will not be tolerated so please ask your players to consider their commitment carefully. There are significant financial penalties for teams who forfeit for whatever reason

Despite having many requests for new teams, we can only accept new teams for spring if all Season 1 teams are catered for. We are able to take a maximum of 208 teams for Spring.

 2017 Dates:

  • Round 1: October 14 (Yrs 3 & 4 > October 13)
  • Christmas Finale Round Robin: November 25 (Yrs 3 & 4 > November 24)
  • No games: Long weekend