JuniorNet G3 (grade 3) Program

  1. Boroondara Netball Centre, Macleay Park, Belmore Rd, Nth Balwyn
  2. Friday afternoons, 4.00 - 5.00pm
  3. Cost $180 (excludes term 4 option)
  4. Option to join a team to play in the Term 4 Spring Fling on Friday afternoons (non-competitive, no ladders/finals)
Terms 2 & 3

April 28 - September 8

No session June 9 & 30 

10 sessions + 6 wks Round Robin

(16 sessions)

Term 4

Optional extra 

Oct 13 - Nov 24 Round Robin, 6 weeks

To Register> Click here  > please note the year 3 program is FULL

  • All participants register individually for JuniorNet  G3 ie) not in teams
  • Children are placed into groups of approx 10 (according to their nominated friends) with 2 coaches per group

Please note that this is a very popular program and we are limited by court space and coach availablity.   Therefore, it is strongly advised that registration forms are returned promptly.  Only those who have returned their registration form and payment will be accepted and registrations will close when full. Others will be placed on a waiting list for inclusion in the program if a place becomes available. It is inappropriate to arrive at the courts with a child expecting to play without being registered as this is distressing for the child (and us).

Information about the G3 program:

JuniorNet G3 has been designed to meet the needs of children in Year 3. The program enables them to develop a positive introduction to Netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation within the sport. Similar programs include Netball Australia (NetSetGo!), Australian Football League (Auskick), Hockey (Minkey Hockey), Lacrosse (Sofcrosse) and Basketball (Ozball).

JuniorNet G3 incorporates skill development and round robin game play with the emphasis on participation and FUN. It allows children to learn and develop netball specific skills in a series of fun activities and minor games which they can then apply in a game situation, providing a solid foundation before they enter the competitive junior netball ranks. The rules and equipment for have been designed to align the game with the psychological and physical capabilities of young children.

Modified Rules & Equipment:



Adult equivalent

NetSetGO! Netball


size 5

medicine ball

size 4


10 ft (3.05m)

14 ft (4.27m)

8 ft (2.4m)


3 seconds

2 seconds

5 seconds


3 ft

1 ft

4 ft

Contact / Obstruction

Stand out of play


Not out of play


No stepping


shuffling allowed


Rotation preferable in juniors


ALL rotated each quarter


Only during intervals and for injury


Unlimited at any time

Centre Pass

Alternating teams


Taken by the team that did not score the last goal


scores / finals


no scores / finals

 pdfJuniorNet G3 RULES

In summary, JuniorNet provides:

  1. A program appropriate to the age and ability of the players.
  2. All children with the opportunity to participate and experience a feeling of success from their participation.
  3. An opportunity for children to play in a cooperative way and to develop their skills in a non-competitive environment.
  4. An environment where the emphasis is not on "win at all costs" but rather on the development of skills, the discovery of new ones and sharing the play with other team mates.

 pdfWhat happens after JuniorNet G3?