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26 June 2015

Boroondara Sport & Recreation Strategy > data / survey submitted to Council – exactly the same needs re courts / lights as current

11 April 2016

Sport & Rec Strategy endorsed by Council, identifying that “netball was experiencing a high growth in demand and would required additional access to facilities in the future”

14 April 2016

Email + petition from Mont Albert Netball Club to Council regarding lack of lighting & safety issues > advised that it would be addressed in the MMMP

8 May 2017

Myrtle Macleay Park Management Plan (MMPMP) consultation commenced = managing growth at Macleay/Myrtle > Boroondara Netball Centre

  • Data submitted to Council re limitations to growth & requirements for additional netball facilities


The Statewide Facilities Strategy released by the State Government identifying the City of Boroondara as lacking appropriate facilities to cater for netball participation & growth in the area stating the significant need for outdoor, lit courts in Boroondara.

  • the Eastern Metropolitan Zone Profile provides Boroondara data comparing neighbouring LGAs for reference

14 Feb 2018

Netball Victoria advises BNA that BNC is a Netball Vic Priority Project

23 Feb 2018

Email to Council from BNA > Netball Vic’s Eastern Metro Zone Profile / request for council action

17 April 2018

Meeting BNA & Council Officers > discussion about issues, need for additional courts 

  • Project Working Group (PWG) established = Council Officers, Netball Victoria & BNA

18 August 2018

Meeting PWG > urgent need for facility expansion discussed again

  • Apology from Council re Myrtle Macleay Park Management Plan (results had not been forwarded to BNA)

29 August 2018

BNA & NV > Formal Project Brief commenced as requested

26 February 2019

Meeting PWG > discussion re demand analysis, gap analysis > information required

April 2019

State of Play Report released = data prepared by Sport Australia providing accurate information on trends in netball participation & opportunities to maximise participation & engagement.

26 April 2019

Media Release from Josh Frydenberg > $1.2 million for 4 additional netball courts – election commitment

27 April 2019

Public announcement at BNC by Josh Frydenberg > Election commitment to fund 4 additional netball courts after discussions with CEO

June 4 & 18, 2019

2x PWG meetings cancelled 

July 3 2019

BNA submission of data > Data & Findings document incl. Schedule of Usage, current & desired

24 July 2019

Email to Council Officers > request for response and next meeting

1 August 2019

Email to Councillors, CEO, Council Officers > request for feedback; any progress since our submission?

2 August 2019

Change of Council Officers

6 August 2019

Request to new Council Officers for a meeting (deferred since June 4) as no feedback received

  • Apparently had no record of the data submitted by BNA/NV

16 August 2019

Email from Jane Addis (current Mayor) > apparently not aware of data submitted by PWG.

17 Sept 2019

Meeting PWG to discuss findings, next steps & timeline

7 Nov 2019

Request from Government Dept Health re status of the Government grant

8 Nov 2019

Advised by Council Officer that this project is a priority / working towards resourcing a master plan for the whole Macleay Park site

20 Nov 2019

Council Officers to present the State of Play report to Council > no correspondence received

3 Feb 2020

Meeting with Council Officers & Mayor (Cynthia Watson) – Mayor did not attend

  • advised that Council Officers were presenting our final report to Council in February > no report / correspondence received

19 April 2020

Request from Government Dept Health re status of grant

  • Council had advised National office that they wanted to build 4 courts at another site ie) variation to the grant > had not been discussed with BNA
  • Advised by Government that the grant cannot be changed or auspice swapped without the approval of the original grantee”

7 May 2020

Request from Government re status of grant

10 June 2020

Request from Council to support their application for a Community Sports Infrastructure Grant for a 2 court stadium at Fritsch Holzer Reserve > request DENIED as no consultation with BNA or NV

19 July 2020

Email from Phillip Storer (CEO) advising that they were hoping to use our funds to build 4 outdoor courts at Fritz Holtzer Reserve, an option we should welcome. Once again, no consultation with BNA.

20 July 2020

Email from BNA to CEO advising that the funding was for BNA specifically and not Council

3 August 2020

Email to BNA from Netball Victoria CEO (Rosie King) advising their disappointment with the lack of transparency and process within Council

7 August 2020

Netball Victoria phone meeting with Council officer about lack of facilities in this LGA

  • a follow up meeting which included BNA was to have been organised by Council Officers within the next 2 weeks > no correspondence since

2 Sept 2020

Letter sent to all Councillors from BNA outlining our concerns with the complete lack of transparency, process & communication undertaken by Council on this issue (see Letter to Council)

22 Sept 2020

Response from Mayor (Cynthia Watson) which did not reflect knowledge of the data & information provided to Council by the PWG

  • No feedback provided on the processes undertaken by Council and how they reached their conclusions

24 Sept 2020

Letter from BNA to Council Officers requesting “clarification on some of the extraordinary comments made by the Mayor”

5 October 2020

Questionnaire sent to all aspiring Councillors to raise awareness of BNA and to gauge their support

6 October 2020

Newsletter disseminated to 3800 BNA members advising them to defer voting until we can forward a list of our preferred “netball friendly” candidates.

8 Oct 2020

Response from Council Officers advising of Council’s recent “organisational redesign”.

  • Proposing a meeting on-site with the new Management Team in November.

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