What is cancelled?

What is cancelled / suspended?

Information                  Please read the information we have prepared> click Q&A Covid-19

Venues open from June 22

CLOSED since July 8

  • Boroondara Netball Centre - courts, ovals and pavilion
  • Boroondara Sports Complex
  • Waverley Netball Centre
  • State Netball Centre
  • Anytime Fitness, Kew

Suspended until

at least September 13



  • Waverley Netball Centre matches 
  • Victorian Netball League matches 
  • Parkville Netball matches 
  • SkillNet sessions 
  • Development Coaching course, March 14 > deferred 
  • Boroondara Netball Association competition   
  • Boroondara Netball Association JUNIORNET program  


  • SSN = Vixens & Magpies > August 1
  • BNA Tournament
  • Nationals (state team tournament)
  • Association Championships
  • State Titles
  • ANL - Fury
  • VNL competition - Boroondara Express

Training Options 


  • Group training: 20 people per court > MUST be scheduled with BNA
  • Players maintain fitness by other means ie) run, bike, individual ball work, skipping
  • Zoom group training sessions
  • On-Line Netball programs, skills & drills
Training Behaviour N/A
  • Outdoor only 
  • No gym, pool, indoor
  • Minimise the number of balls / use the same balls each time / disinfect after each session
  • No close contact drills ie) one on one defending, no match play > for over 18 yrs only
  • Avoid frequent swapping of bibs
  • Bring own drink bottles
  • Frequent hand hygiene
  • Respiratory hygiene, tissue disposal, no sharing towels
  • Social distancing - handshakes, hugs, high 5s, 1.5m

Fixtures & Ladders

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