Group Protocols

Group Protocols (as at July 30, 2021)


  • Density quotient of 1 person per 4m2 
  • No more than 10 people may gather on / around one outdoor court  ie) parent supervisors of children with a medical condition or disability
  • BNC outdoor venue limit of 300 people
  • Training: minimum number of people required to train ie) 1 x team, coach, umpire, team manager, 
  • Matches: minimum number of people required to play ie) 2 x team, coach, umpire, team manager, scorer.
  • Players & coaches must minimise movement between groups
  • Training / Match times will be staggered to ensure to ensure minimal contact between groups = 10 minutes between matches
  • All participants must “get in, train/play, get out”

SPECTATORS: 30/7/2021

NOT Permitted

  • ONE parent supervisor per underage player with a medical condition / disability may attend 
  • Must register via the QR code displayed at entry points and around the venue
  • Spectators are permitted where venue capacity allows ie) density quotients above
  • ONLY ONE spectator per player wherever possible please
  • Must adhere to gathering restrictions & personal hygiene measures
  • Must wear a mask when 1.5m physical distancing cannot be maintained outdoors
  • Must wear a mask at indoor venues.
  • At our outdoor venue (Boroondara Netball Centre) are not required to register as it is an open park venue
  • At indoor venues, spectators must register by scanning the QR Code 


  • Full contact training & competition permitted for all ages



  • Abide by designated entry / exit points 
  • Limited use of communal facilities > toilets, for participants ONLY. There is a public Council exe-loo in the park for anyone else
  • When queuing at the kiosk or office, abide by social distancing rules and wear a mask
  • Strict Personal Hygiene measures are to be adhered to by the user ie) handwashing etc.
  • Surfaces must be sanitised after each session – toilet seat, taps, handles
  • Club administrators & Umpires may use the Multi-Purpose room and must register by scanning the QR code on the door. 
  • Masks must be worn when indoors
  • Signage will indicate the maximum number of people allowed in any space at one time ie) change rooms

FOR INDOOR STADIUM: All participants must adhere to the relevant venue Covid-Safe Plan ie) BSC, Waverley, SNC

  • All - except players - must register by scanning the QR Code on entering the stadium; 
  • Players must enter & exit their court via the designated points as defined by the venue
  • Players must not gather at the stadium entry & exit points
  • Participants may have their temperature checked as they enter the stadium
  • All spectators & non- players must wear a face mask at all times


  • Be mindful that participants may not be “netball fit” after a long period of no training
  • Ensure a graded return to minimise the risk of injury
  • Must wear gloves when administering first aid & dispose of them after


  • Each team to provide their own ball, bibs, first aid kit & sanitising products
  • Balls are to be washed with disinfectant after each session - Refer:Sanitising your balls
  • Limit the changing of bibs and wash after every session
  • Avoid touching bibs & then your face or allowing the bibs to touch your face when swapping - they may be carrying the virus after people have coughed, sneezed or shouted.
  • Minimise the use of shared equipment such as skipping ropes, weights, mats > all such equipment must be washed down after each session
  • Goal posts / padding must be washed with disinfectant after each session 
  • All frequently used surfaces must be wiped down after each session ie) door handles, benches, equipment boxes


  • Personal hygiene measures will be adhered to at all times
  • Equipment will be treated as above
  • Coaches will ensure that all players use hand sanitser before and after each session
  • All participants to maintain a distance of 1.5m apart OR wear a mask when not playing 
  • Coaches to consider vulnerable participants at increased risk of infection
  • Each team will be required to nominate ONE person (Covid Safety Officer) who will be responsible for maintaining all Covid Safe protocols at every session


  • All participants, including players, must register using the QR Code at both indoor & outdoor facilities.
  • Coaches should strongly advise all team members to download the COVIDSafe app