Umpires Badged 2020

The following umpires have achieved their National Umpire Badge accreditation in 2020:

Umpire pathway

   BADGE  NAME                             CLUB                                     
B Monica Clarke Genazzano / CGGS
C Maella Teele Mont Albert
C Shelby Schmidt MLC
C Lottie Calhaem Ruyton
C Mia Avram Ruyton
C Lara Tricarico Ruyton
C Xara Anderson Kew District
C Charlotte Gillon Ruyton
C Thea Proctor n/a
C Anuska Pokharel n/a
C Caitlin Moloney Kew District
C Ella Janes Ruyton
C Emily Davison Ruyton
C Charli Considine Mont Albert

This involves a significant commitment to badge training on the Saturday senior afternoon matches, where a qualified trainer monitors, encourages and trains umpires until they are deemed ready for testing.

If you think that you are confident to start training for a badge and you are available to umpire afternoon matches, please see Meg who will assess whether you are ready to commence.

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