Umpire Award

"Karen Hopper Umpire Award" 

> for outstanding contribution to umpiring at BNA

in memory of Karen Hopper, former A grade umpire, mother of Meg (our Umpire Development Officer), co-founder of our Umpire Development Program


  • Significant contribution to umpiring at BNA
  • Presents herself / himself as a positive role model to others within the Association
  • Shows respect to players, fellow umpires, coaches and spectators
  • Demonstrates good sportsmanship
  • Demonstrates a willingness and keenness to further develop umpiring skills
  • Contributes to the bgetterment of Umpire development eg) participation in the Umpire Mentor Program
  • Displays consistency, reliability, loyalty and commitment to all facets of umpiring and the Boroondara Netball Association
  • Has current and official accreditation with Netball Victoria

2015 Award:


  • Umpiring for BNA since 2012
  • Awarded C-badge 2014
  • Mentor of new trainees
  • Reliable and committed


  • Umpiring for BNA since 2012
  • Awarded C-bage 2015
  • Reliable and committed
  • Considered by trainers to have potential as an elite umpire