NV State Membership

In 2017, we will be managing our player, coach, umpire and committee Netball Victoria state memberships via the MyNetball on-line system. This means that EVERY player, coach, umpire will self-register on-line. This is a compulsory requirement for all and applies prior to the first time you take the court in 2017. If you have not registered, you will have no insurance cover and will be deemed to be an unregistered player - meaning your team will lose 4 points.

Why? pdfMyNetball 2017 State Membership 

Login Issues? Once you have logged in, the process is simple; however, if you have problems with the intial login please check the document pdf2017 State Membership Guide.

Registering / Paying twice?   This will no longer be an issue. If you have registered and paid with another Association / Rep team etc, when you register with BNA or your club, the system automatically deletes the payment for you, but we still receive your details / registration. If you have manually paid another organisation and they haven't updated your membership, you will need to ask them for a refund.


1. Clubs:

Each CLUB has set up their own registration on-line site where every member will self-register with their club. If you have signed up with a club you will be sent their registration details, links and payment options or you can click on the relevant link below. Most clubs are including their full membership fees on the system; some are doing State Membership fees only and will organise club fees separately.

Club Membership Forms 2017 > please click on your club link to register 

  • CGGS Netball Membership Form
  • CSNC State Membership Form
  • Fintona Saturday Netball Membership Form  
  • Genazzano FCJ College Netball Membership Form
  • Kew District Netball Membership
  • KHNC State Membership Form - please contact club
  • MGGS Saturday Netball Membership Form
  • MLC Stars Netball Registration Form
  • MANC State Membership Form
  • NBNC Netball Membership Form
  • Ruyton Netball Club State Membership Form
  • St Anne's Membership Form  
  • Strathcona Saturday Netball Membership Form

2.Individual teams (not part of a club):  Your Team Manager will forward each player a link to the BNA on-line registration site or you can click here > 2017 BNA State Memberships to register. This means that Individual Team Managers will no longer collect state membership fees as part of your team payment. 

3.Others not affiliated to any team / club:eg) includes umpires, committee. (Insert "No Team" for Team Name). Please click on the link 2017 BNA State Memberships.