2021 Finals Schedule:

Section Semi Finals: August 28         Grand Finals: September 4           
 Year 4            No finals  
  • Round Robin Sept 3                       
5a and 5b 

1 straight to GF

2v3, 4v7, 5v8, 6v9

  • GOLD: 1 vs winner 2v3
  • SILVER: Loser 2v3 vs winner 4v7
  • BRONZE: winner 5v8 vs winner 6 v9
5/6a and 5/6b   1v4, 2v3, 5v6, 7v10, 8v9
  • GOLD: winner 1v4 vs winner 2v3
  • SILVER: loser 2V3 vs winner 5V6
  • BRONZE: winner 7v10 vs winner 8v9
All other sections    1v4, 2v3
  • Winner of 1v4 vs winner 2v3

pdfFinals Protocols


  • ALL Yr 5&6 teams play off in the Semi Finals and winning teams progress to the Grand Finals - Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • The final top 4 in Yr 7 - Open play Semi Finals and winning teams progress to the Grand Finals
  • SPRING FLING: All teams play off in the Christmas Finale 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8


  • Players must play 5 games (1 game in SPRING) in a team and be officially registered with that team to qualify for finals
  • Players may only play ONE finals match in a day
  • Players may qualify for ONE club / team in a finals series
  • Please see ByLaw 15(g) for further details


  • 1 minute to change ends and positions; positional changes and substitutions may be made during this change-over time
  • Yr 5/6 sections will play 2 x 3 min halves > change ends / substitutions are allowed > if still a draw, a coin will be tossed to determine the centre pass and play continues until the next goal.
  • Yr 7 - Open sections will play 2 x 3 min halves > change ends / substitutions are allowed > continue until 1 team is 2 goals in front
  • SPRING FLING: The team which finished higher on the final ladder will be deemed the winner in all age groups. There is no extra time.


  • One scorer from each team must stand together, away from other spectators, with ONE score sheet.
  • Trophy presentations will be outside the office at the end of each round.
  • All finals will be played in wet / cold / hot weather unless deemed to be unsafe by the committee.
  • SPRING FLING: There are no trophy presentations. Team managers must collect the team's Christmas gift from the office and distribute to the players.


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