Registration and State Membership

All club, team, participant registrations have now been moved from MyNetball to NetballConnect.

  • Your previous MyNetball log-in details are now irrelevant and you must create a NEW USER account / log-in on NetballConnect.
  • NEW* Every participant needs to register to every different competition they participate in.
    • Every club/team you play with will send you a LINK and you must register with that competition.
    • If you do not register to each competition, you cannot be allocated to a team and you are not insured.
    • You will only pay the Netball Vic membership fee ONCE per calendar year. Therefore, if you have paid with another club in 2022, you must still register with the competition but will not pay the NV fee.

Therefore EVERY player, coach & umpire must register with the relevant Boroondara Netball Association competition each year. If you have not registered, you will not be able to be allocated to your team list and will be deemed to be an unregistered player - meaning your team will lose 4 points. 


Overview of the Registration process: pdfOverview

You can log into your personal profile any time by clicking:


**You will need the LINK URL provided to you by the competition you are registering to.

Remember you will only pay the State Membership fee once BUT you still need to register with every single competition you play in.


Boroondara Netball Association currently has 4 "owned"competitions available for clubs & their members to register to:

  1. BNA Saturday Autumn/Winter Competition
  2. BNA Friday Autumn/Winter Year 4 program
  3. BNA (Saturday)Spring Fling 2022
  4. BNA (Friday) Yr 3 & 4 Spring Fling 2022

We also have a number of "Participating-In" competitions:

  1. Victorian Netball League: Boroondara Express players and personnel
  2. WNNA (Waverley Night Netball Association) 2022 competitions: Boroondara Power players and personnel       


Each CLUB will set up their own registration form in NetballConnect where every member will self-register with their club and therefore the relevant BNA competition. If you have signed up with a club you will be sent their LINK. 

Club payment options may be:

  • NV State Membership only > club fees will be collected separately by your club administrator
  • NV State Membership + club fees > 100% of the NV state membership goes to Netball Vic and the club component is paid to the club.

2. INDEPENDENT TEAMS: not part of a club

All Team Managers have received a LINK to forward to their players, coaches and umpires to self-register with Boroondara Netball Association. Click on this link and follow the prompts, even if you have registered with another organisation / team. This will ensure that you are included on your team list. 

Payment will be for NV State Membership only > team fees will be collected separately by your team manager

3. UMPIRES: if you are not a member of a club / team

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the appropriate link to register.

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