By-Laws for the Monday competition are essentially the same as By-Laws for the Saturday competition except for the following amendments: 



1(b) It is not compulsory- but optional - for team delegates to attend the AGM.
3 Information relevant to the competition will not be displayed at the venue but is available on the website.
4.1(b) Fees are calculated to cover the costs of court hire, umpires, supervisor and trophies only - no profit margin.
9.1(c)  All players in a team must be wearing the same colours.
9.1(g) Bike pants and leggings ARE permitted as long as all team members are wearing the same colours.
13  Ladders will be available on the web-site
14 (a&b) Players MAY play in more than 1 team; however teams in a lower section may only have a maximum of 2 players from any higher section registered with their team.
14 (f) Players must be fully registered and have played 3 or more games for the team to be eligible for finals
15 (d) The top 4 teams in each section will play off in finals, unless otherwise notified.
16 (b) Teams forfeiting without notification before 5pm on Mondays, must pay the court fee. This fee will be given to the opposing team. The forfeit penalty must be paid to the Association before the team take the court the following week.
26.4 First aid and ice is available from the venue's designated first aid room. Please ask at reception.