Pathway to the Top

The Boroondara Netball Association facilitates an individual "Pathway to the Top" through a range of comprehensive programs including junior development, umpire/coach development and talent identification program.

Community Netball Competitions: 

Saturday (daytime) competition, Boroondara Netball Centre: outdoor, all ages, mixed

Aim: "to promote equal access and opportunity for participants, fostering enjoyment and skill development through dedication and sound management practices."

 Junior Development Program

  1. JuniorNet G1: Introduction to netball for children in Year 1 (term 4 only)
  2. JuniorNet G2 : Motor skills program for children in Year 2
  3. JuniorNet G3: Netball skills clinics for children in Year 3 
  4. JuniorNet G4: non competitive netball matches, no ladders or finals, for children in Year 4

 Aim: "to encourage children to play in a cooperative way without the pressures of a ‘win at all costs' competition. The emphasis is on skill development, team participation and commitment, applying good sporting behaviour and, above all, enjoyment."

Talent Identification Program: Boroondara POWER & EXPRESS

  1. Association Representative Teams: 13&U, 15&U, 17&U, VNL Talent Squads
  2. Victorian Netball League: Championship, Division One & 19 and Under.
  3. Academy & State squads
  4. National Netball League, SSNL

  Aim: "providing a pathway for talented players to excel and reach the Victorian Netball League competition and on.......!" 

Umpire & Coach Development Programs

  1. Training
  2. Accreditation
  3. Mentoring

Aim: "to provide comprehensive training and support to umpires and coaches, recognising that all other aspects of the program could not function without them."  

Fixtures & Ladders

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