Netball Victoria State Memberships & Covid

Every year ALL netball participants in every NV affiliated competition must purchase a Netball Victoria Membership prior to participating. Members must self register each year via their MyNetball account. This is a compulsory requirement which is separate from your club fees / program costs etc.

  • Senior (born 2002 & before) $78
  • Junior (born 2003 & after) $48
  • Off the Court $46
  • Netball Vic have pledged to not increase state membership fees in 2021


Most of our clubs are using the MyNetball split payment system which means that your single payment was split into 2 components 1) your club fee and 2) state membership. This information is outlined on your MyNetball Registration page. The club component is deposited to your club and the state membership component (above) is deposited directly to Netball Vic. Therefore, if you are applying for refunds (see below) your CLUB can only choose to refund the club fee component and NOT the state membership fee.

Netball Vic. Membership Benefits include:

  • Personal accident & Public Liability insurance 
  • Governance - policies, guidelines, codes of conduct etc
  • Advocacy with Councils / Government for facilities
  • Provision of Pathway competitions for Talent Identification
  • Coach and Umpire courses and accreditation
  • Resources for Associations and members
  • Netball for All programs - rock up netball, beach netball, mens & mixed
  • Sports Perks - rewards & benefits program

2020 Covid Impact:

Sadly due to the fluctuating restrictions imposed on community sport due to the Covid Pandemic, our netball involvement at all levels has been signifcantly curtailed:

  • Boroondara Power teams were lucky to play 7 games at Waverley before shutdown
  • Our Saturday domestic competition & Friday JuniorNet program scheduled to start in April and then July, has been deferred, hopefully to term 4
  • Boroondara Express VNL teams, training since November 2019 for an anticipated April start made it back to on court training in May until shutdown in July.
  • Our Tournament (March) was cancelled
  • Vixens & Magpies commenced a "crowded" season only after quarantining in an interstate hub for 2 weeks. 


BNA Club Refunds:
 You will need to discuss this with your specific club.
  • Club fees are not governed by the Boroondara Netball Association.
  • It is entirely up to the discretion of your club as to whether they are processing refunds to members.                                               
Boroondara Netball Association Refunds:
To Clubs                          All clubs which had paid entry fees have been refunded in full                                     
To Individual teams

All have been refunded in full except for 3 teams holding in anticipation of competition in Term 4

Will be refunded in full if no competition

To JuniorNet G1,2,3

All offered a full refund; many holding in anticipation of a program in Term 4

Will be refunded in full if no program

To Tournament teams All refunded in full
To Power players All offered a pro rata refund to ensure program costs covered > many declined
To Express VNL players   All offered a pro rata refund to ensure program costs covered > many declined
Netball Victoria State Membership Refunds:

IMPORTANT: Do not ask your club or BNA for State Membership refunds. They are processed by Netball Victoria only.

  • Netball Vic will email all members INDIVIDUALLY with the options, as everyone will have different personal circumstances ie) playing in multiple comps etc
  • This will be a process / transaction between each member and Netball Vic.
  • State Membership refunds are NOT the responsibility of BNA or your club. 
Option 1    No refund          

IF your personal circumstances allow, pledge your state membership to Netball Vic

Option 2 100% refund

If you have not played in a fixtured match or program in 2020.

  • You will be de-registered so no further cover for 2020
  • You may roll your membership over to 2021 
  • You may re-register later if competition in 2020 - see option 4
Option 3 50% refund

If you have played in any fixtured match or program in 2020

  • You will remain registered and covered for 2020
Option 4 Not registered  If you register before Oct 31, cost will be 50% of usual fee


Summary for Post-Covid Competition Nov/ Dec 2020:

If you have received a 100% refund from Netball Victoria (see below) 

You need to re-register but cost will be 50% of usual fee

ie) $29 Junior and $39 Senior

If you have received a 50% refund from Netball Victoria (see below) You are still registered and fully covered       
If you received no refund from Netball Victoria ie) Affliate Pledge You are still registered and fully covered




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