Match Day Protocols



Ensure you understand the transmission patterns and symptoms of Covid-19 – see BNA guidelines (this enables you to understand WHY we are taking these precautions)


  • All clubs must maintain an accurate record of participants at each match incl coach / scorer
  • Clubs should strongly advise all participants to download the COVIDSafe app. This means you can be contacted and advised if you have been unknowingly in contact with an active case.


  • Personal hygiene measures as above will be adhered to at all times
  • All participants and spectators to maintain a distance of 1.5m apart when not competiting
  • Clubs are expected to provide their teams with sanitising product & equipment
  • Coaches will ensure that all players use hand sanitiser before and after the match
  • Each team is encouraged to nominate ONE person who will be responsible for maintaining all above protocols at each session


  • Density quotient of 1 person per 4m2
  • No more than 20 players per court in addition to 1 coach + 1 scorer + 1 covid safety officer per team + 2 umpires


>see Spectator protocols

  • A maximum of 1 spectator per player will apply
  • Spectators must abide by “gathering” restrictions (groups of < 10, 1.5m apart)
  • Spectators are not permitted to enter the 8 court playing area
  • Spectators may stand only around the perimeter of the 8 court playing area ie) not in between courts



See map

  • All participants must “get in, play their match, get out”
  • Parents are encouraged to drop off players as parking will be a significant issue.
  •  A 10 minute break between each game will allow teams to exit before the next round.
  • Participants must not enter the court area any more than 10 minutes before their game & must exit immediately after their game.
  • Participants will be required to enter and exit the venue via the designated points as outlined on the attached map – according to court.

pdfCourt Entry & Exit points_Covid


  • The usual warm up area will NOT be available for teams to gather. Teams will need to warm up / stretch away from the courts ie) on a surrounding oval.


  • Players aged 18 yrs & under may play full contact competition 
  • Players over 18 may return to competition no earlier than July 25
  • Coaches must consider vulnerable participants at increased risk of infection (as above)


>eliminate paper


  • Scoring will be done on an electronic device (supplied) which will submit scores directly to our ladder software system
  • 2 scorers may stand together, but only 1 person to enter scores
  • Device will be sanitised after each match


  • Participants can shelter under rotunda, under the verandah etc but MUST adhere to the “gathering” rules of no more than 10 people, 1.5 m apart




  • Groups must provide their own first aid kits including hand sanitiser and gloves
  • Balls are to be washed with disinfectant (wipes / spray) after each session 
  • If a ball from another court rolls onto your court, gently kick it back (don’t pick it up)
  • Limit changing of over the shoulder bibs & contact with face - bibs may be carrying the virus after people have coughed, sneezed or shouted.
  • All equipment including goal post padding will be washed down (by staff) after each match
  • Team bibs must be taken home and washed after each match



  • Density quotient of 1 person per 4m2
  • Each area in the pavilion will have signage advising the no. of people permitted at any one time


  • Our Saturday netball market will be set up in the rotunda adjacent to court 6
  • No more than 6 people may shelter in one rotunda, ensuring they are 1.5m apart


  • No more than 20 people are permitted in the MP room at any one time
  • The room will be divided into 2 areas: 1) for 10 umpires and 2) for 10 club administrators
  • No more than 2 club administrators are permitted to enter the room
  • Those entering the room will be temperature checked.
  • All will need to sign the attendance record of entry


Saturday staff & committee will sanitise:

  • goal post padding after each round
  • surfaces, door handles, light switches regularly
  • toilet block before, during & after the day



  • Male toilet block will be closed – males can request access to the disabled toilet at the office
  • Female toilet block will be open - no more than 3 people are permitted at one time.
  • Toilets will be sanitised before, during and after each day
  • Strict Personal Hygiene measures are to be adhered to by the user ie) handwashing etc.
  • There will be no access to showers


  • Participants are encouraged not to use drinking fountains
  • Participants should bring their own NAMED water bottle, filled at home


  • All purchases should be made via a card NOT CASH
  • Staff will wear gloves but if cash is used, it will be the participant’s responsibility to manage the risk of Covid transmission to themselves / their children.



  • There will be 2 lines set up for access to the kiosk.
  •  All patrons must maintain a distance of 1.5 m apart – we will have chalk markings
  • If ordering coffee, please move away from the kiosk and wait until your name is called to collect
  • Kiosk staff will apply condiments (sauces, mustard, soy sauces) where applicable
  • The kiosk will not be open on Fridays (Year 4)


  • We have a qualified nurse (& doctor if needed) managing the first aid room
  • All injured / unwell will be temperature checked before entering
  •  Anyone with a fever / symptoms will be required to report to a Covid testing centre immediately
  • Routine sanitising and recording will be maintained

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