Protocols for spectators / parents



  • If UNWELL in any capacity
  • Ifyou have had CLOSE* CONTACT with a confirmed case within the last 14 days

If you have a chronic medical condition or are immunocompromised ie) are VULNERABLE* follow the advice of your health care professional & be aware of increased risk                                                                                                                        


Anyone entering the venue is expected to follow all personal hygiene guidelines as outlined: hand sanitising, respiratory etiquette, hand-shakes / hugging, sharing and social distancing.


  • Parents are encouraged to use drop off / pick up points or car pool as parking is limited
  • Maximum of ONE spectator per player permitted at the venue
  • If young siblings must attend, parents must maintain control and keep them away from the court area ie) no children on scooters, bikes, skate-boards etc


See map

  • Spectators must “enter, watch the match, leave”, just like players.
  • Spectators may not enter the venue more than 10 minutes prior to the game
  • Spectators are not permitted to socialise before and after the match
  • Spectators must adhere to the entry/exit points relevant to the court they are attending. This may mean additional walking distance but is essential to minimise contact as the next group of players / spectators enter


  • Spectators are not permitted to enter the court surface area. This includes the areas in between all courts
  • The only exemption to this is the team coach, scorer and Covid Safety Officer who will stand at the INNER end of each court, maintaining 1.5m social distancing.
  • All others are required to watch from the OUTSIDE perimeter of the courts 
  • All must abide by Government “gathering” restrictions – not more than 10 people, 1.5m apart


  • Spectators / parents are not permitted to enter the pavilion
  • Must abide by kiosk social distancing rules when queuing
  • Must ensure cashless transactions at the kiosk and office.
  • 1 parent only may accompany an injured player to first aid



  • Toilet facilities are prioritised for participants only. There is a public exe-loo available.
  • Male toilet block will be closed – males can request access to the disabled toilet at the office
  • Female toilet block will be open - no more than 3 people are permitted at one time.
  • Strict Personal Hygiene measures are to be adhered to by the user ie) handwashing etc.


Should spectators not abide by the rules it is our Duty of Care to

  1. call the police to issue social gathering fines
  2. ban spectators from the relevant club from attending in future

Please note: our priority is to allow players to play netball and should spectators / parents spoil the experience by flouting rules, we will be forced to ban all spectators from the venue.


All SPECTATORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO DOWNLOAD THE COVID-SAFE APP - this means you can be contacted and advised if you have been unknowingly in contact with an active case.

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